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How To Detect and Kill Bed Bugs

Due to bed bugs increasing resistance to traditional extermination methods, proactive pest professionals like Sleep Tight Pest Solutions are always looking for the new and improved method to kill bed bugs quickly and effectively.  Bed bug infestations traditionally took months to eliminate and multiple chemical applications that would leave a room with dangerous chemicals causing many people allergic reactions and breathing problems.  But with Sleep Tight Pest Solutions’ professional heat treatments you can be bed bug free in just one day, without the need for chemicals or repeat treatments!

Here’s How We Do It!

The science behind these revolutionary and scientifically proven treatments is simple.  Bed bugs cannot live in temperatures higher than 113 degrees for more than a few minutes.  By safely raising the temperature in the room to 120-140 degrees and holding it there for a minimum of 6 hours Sleep Tight Pest Solutions can ensure than all of the bugs have been eradicated…. even the nearly microscopic eggs and nymphs.  Heat permeates all of the cracks and crevices in every object in the treatment area leaving the bed bugs nowhere to escape the heat. The entire life cycle of the bed bug infestation are killed leaving no living bugs to re-infest the area after the room has cooled.

How To Get Started!

If you think your home or business might be home to a bed bug infestation,  DON’T WAIT!  Call Sleep Tight Pest Solutions today to schedule an initial inspection.  During your inspection a Sleep Tight Pest Solutions technician will search your home or business and identify where the bugs are hiding.  Then a detailed plan will be presented to you for how and where the heat treatment will be applied.  The heat treatment is then scheduled and the technician will instruct you on any prep needed before the treatment can begin.  Once the heat treatment day has arrived, the Sleep Tight Pest Solutions technician will return and set up the safe and effective equipment needed to quickly raise the temperature in the treatment area to 120-140 degrees.  After just 24 hours the treated area will be cooled and ready to re-enter.  Always follow your Sleep Tight Pest Solutions tech’s advice and instructions for best treatment results.


Call Sleep Tight Pest Solutions today to schedule your inspection or to get more information about our heat treatments.

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