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Preventing Mosquitos

The CDC warns that mosquito bitesare not only annoying and itchy but can also carry and transmit viruses. In addition to getting your yard treated for those pesky mosquitos you can take a few simple measure to reduce the population around your home.

  • Reduce standing water, from plants, puddles, or toys. Wash and wipe out pet bowls and bird baths every couple of days.
  • Plant insect repelling citronella plant, but make sure to rustle them about when spending time out doors.
  • Monthly professional mosquito treatments.
  • Use insect repelling candles and lanterns to repel.


Make sure to use an insect repelling spray or lotion when spending time outdoors or wear clothing covering arms, legs, and feet to prevent bites.


If having an outdoor gather it is recommend having the area sprayed 1-2 days before the event for the greatest effectiveness.

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