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About Us

Sleep Tight Pest Solutions LLC. is a locally owned company with the foundation based on the need for pest solutions that customers can count on.  We strive to provide the best professional service to eliminate any and all your pest needs.  We deal with any pests, from ants to predatory species such as coyotes and bobcats.  Our services do not stop when we leave your home.  We are always a phone call away!

This began when my household found ourselves with a problem.  On a trip out of state, I stayed at a top tier hotel.  Upon leaving. I unknowingly brought a hitchhiker home with me.  This hitchhiker became many little hitchhikers.  Ahhhhh it was bed bugs!!  So the grueling fight began!  We were persistent in the fight, but they were relentless.  We tried everything from home remedies, including old wives tales, to store bought products, to our local pest control companies.  Nothing seemed to work.  This issue continued for over a year before we finally found a solution, HEAT!

Towards the end of our battle, we found Convectex.  They are a pest solutions company located in Prescott, Arizona.  We spoke in detail with the owner about our issue and were quickly invited to attend their training course to earn the certification of "bed bug specialists".  There we learned how to properly and effectively carry out heat treatments as well as preventative measures to ensure our customers no longer have bed bug problems!  From their we branched out and achieved our licenses to treat various other pests, including bothersome weeds.  Have a problem? Call us to treat your bed bugs, ants, lawns, termites, and any other irritating pests you may have!

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